Our pillars of service

Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

Legal, regulatory and compliance


We help businesses, from start-ups to corporates, research, vet, and draft contracts and create systematic legal processes for in-house functions.

Intellectual Property

We help manage, maintain, and mandate intellectual property rights. This helps alleviate manual effort and legal spend for routine IP tasks.

Entertainment and Media Law

We provide services to clients
in project development, rights acquisitions, exploitation and protection as well as advertising, broadcasting and telecommunication.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We work with clients to build in pre- and postmerger systems and contact integration. This serves to reduce the cost in merger and acquisition due diligence.

Data Privacy and Security

Our team of data privacy and security lawyers provide our clients with expert, tailored, and practical advice and programs suitable for the client’s business objectives.

Risk and Compliance

We work with businesses to achieve sound legal compliance, third party due diligence, and corporate governance services to mitigate financial, legal, regulatory, and reputational risk.


Flexible Legal Resources

We offer tailor-made solutions for adaptable legal resources that suit our clients’ needs.

In-House Resource

We are an extension of our client’s in-house legal teams. We provide direct legal support, offering our resources for an agreed basis. This ensures our clients have immediate access to legal requirements to handle projects, major cases, repeat work, and on the job answers.

Outsourced Services

We offer outsourced services for our client’s legal processing requirements, using our technology solutions to manage their processes.

Technology-based solutions

Our services are underpinned by modern and user-friendly technology to assist our internal teams as well as legal functions, legal departments, regulatory and compliance departments to perform their tasks more efficiently.

We also create bespoke technology platforms that cater to the specific requirements of our customers.

Legal Operations

We have a team of legal operators who work with our clients in legal departments, in-house legal functions, human resources, finance, projects, business developments, procurement and render legal operational services which convert customer data and business data into business intelligence and analytics data, contracts and processes which integrate with our customers business functions.

Document Review

We offer document review, vetting, research and negotiation services for any process, be it due diligence, investigations, litigation, large scale research commissions and other authorities. We integrate our custom technology and processes to ensure efficiency.


We create customised, easy to comprehend dashboards that communicate our customers business intelligence data and integrate with our customers internal systems, to enhance existing practises or create new methods that enhance businesses decisions and practices.

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