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AI Safety: The Bletchley Declaration

AI safety raises global concerns as 28 nations sign the Bletchley Declaration, will it be enforceable?

During the AI Safety Summit 2023, 28 countries came together to sign the Bletchley Declaration.

The summit, held on the historic grounds of Bletchley Park, was held to tame the growing use of artificial intelligence amidst rising concerns.

What is the Bletchley Declaration?

The Bletchley Declaration was drawn up by a consensus of 28 countries. It serves as a blueprint that outlines the collective understanding of the countries involved in creating and promoting safety and ethical considerations in the rising use of AI.

The fundamental elements in the Bletchley Declaration are:

International Cooperation

There is an emphasis on countries working together to navigate the AI landscape. A united front is needed to address obstacles in AI and create opportunities to leverage the benefits of the technology.


The declaration looks to establish a safe way to use AI, from its design to its development to its deployment.


Morality is a major component in the Declaration, with an emphasis on the ethical use of AI. This includes the rights and respect for privacy, democratic values and a human-centric approach to technology.


There is a focus on transparency in AI systems. Accountability of those creating and using the technology rests on public trust and understanding.

In Closing

The declaration serves as a testament to an international aim to ensure AI is established and integrated safely with the collective good of humanity at its core. It sets an example of the collaborative efforts of looking at the future of AI with a global standard framework in place.

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