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AI Watch: Japan Follows EU And US To Regulate AI

Japan is gearing up to regulate generative AI, following the regulatory footsteps of the EU and the US. The country currently allows self-regulation based on strict AI guidelines. However, the Japanese government seeks a comprehensive AI regulation framework to mitigate risks associated with misinformation and criminal activities.

Generative AI poses unique challenges and risks. These include the spread of misinformation and potential use in criminal activities. Japan recognizes the need for robust regulations to address these concerns. While self-regulation has been the norm, a more structured approach is essential for long-term safety and compliance.

Public Involvement in AI Regulation

The Japanese government plans to involve the public in this regulatory process. Citizens will be encouraged to report compliance issues or risks linked to generative AI. This public engagement aims to create a more transparent and accountable AI ecosystem. By involving the public, the government hopes to gain insights and address concerns effectively.

Learnings from the EU and US

Japan’s move to regulate generative AI draws inspiration from the EU and the US. Both regions have implemented comprehensive AI regulations to address similar concerns. By adopting best practices from these regions, Japan aims to create a balanced regulatory framework. This approach will protect users while fostering innovation and growth in the AI sector.

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